Scalable Vision

Scalable Vision is a monitoring and analytics tool for HPC cluster and workload management system. It leverages big data technology for scalability, fault tolerance, and flexible customization, providing insight and outlook for cluster resource, workload, and project based data to users, administrators, and decision makers.

Scalable Vision unique advantages are:

  • Support multiple clusters with noSQL scalable database with built-in fault tolerance
  • Flexible reporting and data analysis with customizable dashboard
  • Integration with system management web portal
  • Collect 100s data metrics, viewing data with multiple dimensions
  • Support multiple workload management system including Scalable Cube, LSF™, etc.

Scalable Vision has the following built-in reports:

Maximum and used job slots in clusterOverview of cluster resource usage
Pending, running, and suspended job slots in clusterOverview of cluster workload activities
Pending, running, and suspended job slots in each queueOverview of workload for a specific category (application, user group etc.)
Top 20 users with the most running jobsUser workload activities
Top 20 users with the most pending jobsUser workload activities
Pending jobs by user in each queueUser service level for a specific category of workload
Job CPU, memory, and swap usage statisticsApplication profile and benchmark
CPU, memory, and swap usage history of a specific jobJob health
Job pending reason statisticsBottleneck identification
Application license statisticsCritical resource (floating application licenses) management
Host CPU and memory reportHost resource utilization for capacity planning
Running and suspended jobs per hostHost resource utilization and capacity planning
Host load metrics statisticsCapacity planning
Customizable reportsCustom resource and workload management needs

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